Collaborating with a knowledge institution is possible in various ways. In addition to having a reliable, academic knowledge partner, it can certainly also be interesting for your budget. There are different financial support options that ensure a win-win for both researcher and company.

'Baekeland' and 'innovation mandates'

Baekeland and innovation mandates are two types of individual mandates that are (partially) funded by VLAIO, and that allow for close cooperation of industrial partners with the University of Antwerp.
Baekeland mandates provide support for doctoral researchers, while innovation mandates support postdoctoral researchers. Deadlines are typically each year in March and September.

VLAIO Research and Development projects

VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) stimulates innovation in Flanders and therefore finances Research and Development by and for Flemish companies. The University of Antwerp can be involved in both types of projects as a research partner or as a subcontractor.

Any enterprise, from an SME to the Flemish branch of a multinational company may request funding. The only condition is that the enterprise should have a legal entity upon signing the agreement. Furthermore, the enterprise should have the capacity to exploit the result to a sufficient extent in Flanders and hence create enough economic impact in the form of employment and investments.

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