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REuseLab in the fight against premature end-of-life of certain objects

Disover how they can assist you as Belgium becomes the second European country to introduce a reparability index

AI software platform from our spin-off Orbits accelarates translational cancer research and drug discovery

Spin-off Icometrix granted the groundbraking new CPT Category III code by the American Medical Association (AMA) for their cutting-edge quantitative brain MRI analysis software.

Meet Latilactibacillus fragifolii, a novel species of beneficial bacteria

This bacteria offers a lot of potential for the food, feed, and cosmetic industries.

Crowdscan monitors the occupancy in innovation hub

This way energy consumption and utilization of spaces can be optimized.

New in vitro and in silico assays that predict T cell responses in vaccines

Discover our new brochure: ‘A world of difference’

Want to know how the research at the five Flemish universities improves society? Discover the new brochure of TTO Flanders.

UAntwerp hosts YUFE Alliance Accelerator Programme with international start-ups

The programme brought together budding entrepreneurs from across Europe and expert coaches.

SGS CPU and Vaccinopolis join forces in development of novel vaccines and therapeutics

Purple bacteria-based formulation improves the health of guppies

UANtwerp finally made it possible to improve health, fitness and color of ornamental fish

UAntwerp kicks off first ASTP Directors Forum

TTO directors from all over the world connected and worked together here in Antwerp around the challenges of today

Spin-off D-CRBN works towards achieving a circular economy

D-CRBN converts and re-uses CO2 into valuable products such as e-fuels and chemicals.

Spin-off Orbits Oncology as a tool in the fight against cancer

Find out how Orbits Oncology helps researchers in their cancer research with their AI-based image analysis software

New smart electronic implant stops urine loss

UAntwerp and UZA have joined forces with the University of Oxford to tackle urinary incontinence in women.

New spin-off IoSA develops animal behavior monitoring tool

Engineers have developed an ultralight ultra-low power and highly accurate proximity tracker to monitor small wild animals.

Lashing tool huge improvement for ergonomically working in the port of Antwerp

A perfect example of how an issue in the industry can be solved with the help of our researchers