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The Odysseusprogramme was launched by the Flemish government to attract top researchers at foreign universities to come (back) and conduct research in Flanders. They can be internationally recognised full professors (group I) or researchers with international prominence potential who have occupied a postdoctoral position abroad for at least three years (group II)

The principal aim is to compete in the European Research Area and to expand the Flemish knowledge economy by creating a favourable research climate.

The programme encourages researchers, in all scientific disciplines, who established their career (mainly) abroad, to pursue an independent research career at a Flemish university. Award holders are offered Odysseus financing for 5 years, allowing them to develop a research group. In addition to Odysseus financing, the professors are appointed as tenured academic staff (ZAP) or research professors (ZAPBOF) and postdocs are offered a postdoc position for 5 years. 

The following Odysseus researchers and research projects are affiliated to the University of Antwerp:

Group I: International leading research

  • Pascal Gielen
    Title: “Sustainable creativity in the post-fordist city.”
    Local copromotor: Henk De Smaele, ARIA, Antwerp Research Institute of the Arts (2016)
  • Annelies Van Rie
    Title: “Development of a Centre for Whole Genome Sequencing studies of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.”  
    Local copromotor: Herman Goossens, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (2016)
  • Stuart Maudsley
    Title: "Post-genomic profiling and therapeutic targeting of specific and generic neurodegenerative mechanisms." 
    Local copromoter: Christine Van Broeckhoven, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences (2012)
  • Arjen van Witteloostuijn
    Title: "Demographic diversity and the evolution of social entities. The ecological and institutional study of behaviour and performance of teams, organizations, industries, networks and communities."
    Local copromoter: Christophe Boone, Faculty of Applied Economics (2007)

Group II: Researchers with the potential to develop a leading international status

  • Gilsing Victor
    Title: "The Role of a Firm´s Senior Leadership in the Creation of Technological Breakthroughs."
    Local copromotor:  Christophe Boone, Faculty of Applied Sciences (2015)
  • Becher Karim
    Title: "Explicit Methods in Quadratic Form Theory."
    Local copromotor: Lieven Le Bruyn, Faculty of Science (2014)
  • Bence Nanay
    Title: "Perception, Action and What's in between."
    Local copromotor: Erik Myin, Faculty of Arts (2011)
  • Michiel Wouters
    Title: "Strong light-matter coupling in semiconductor nanostructures and ultracold atomic gases."
    Local copromotor: Jacques Tempère, Faculty of Science (2011)    
  • Jan Beyers
    Title: "The politics of interest representation and agenda-setting in Multi-level political systems."
    Local copromoter: Stefaan Walgrave, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (2008)
  • Nick Van Remortel
    Title: "Exploration of the light Higgs Boson sector at the LHC."
    Local copromotor: Eddi De Wolf, Faculty of Science (2008)
  • Vyacheslav Misko
    Title: "Nonlinear dynamics in nanosystems: flux quanta in nanostructured superconductors, colloids, nanoclusters."
    Local copromoter: François Peeters, Faculty of Science (2008)
  • George Pavlakos
    Title: "The impact of globalisation on law."
    Local copromoter: Johan Meeusen, Faculty of Law (2007)


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