Research, Innovation & Valorisation Antwerp (RIVA) operates under the direction of Prof. Ronny Blust and Prof. Silvia Lenaerts. Vicerector for Research Ronny Blust chairs the university’s Research Board, Vicerector for Valorisation & Development Silvia Lenaerts chairs the Council of the Industrial Research Fund. Both represent, support and promote the university’s research and valorisation activities and policies within the regional, Flemish and international research landscape.  

  • RIVA helps researchers attract external funding

We help researchers attract external funding for their research. We do this i.a. through information sessions,  administrative support, proofreading and bibliometric analyses of projects and through dedicated trainings.

  • RIVA connects the academic world to the business world 

We help researchers from the Antwerp University & Colleges Association (AUHA) with the 'transfer' of knowledge and technologies towards the business world.  And this works both ways: we link companies to the right research partners or guide them to the appropriate technologies or infrastructure. Not only multinationals, but also SMEs can count on us. Within the University of Antwerp, we help our researchers with the valorisation of their knowledge, inventions and ideas.

  • RIVA supports the transition to Open Science

Committed to the highest standards of research quality and integrity, RIVA supports researchers adapting Open Science practices. We manage and support the UAntwerp’s ethical committees (ensuring research projects receive, where necessary, proper ethical clearance) and the Committee for Scientific Integrity. We also provide support on research data management and (open access) publication strategies.

  • RIVA offers policy support and analysis 

We follow up on specific topics and developments in the Flemish, federal and European research and innovation policy landscape and also reside in external bodies, to facilitate interuniversity cooperation and the exchange of best practices.

  • RIVA manages data about research

Next to managing the internal research database, we guarantee the delivery of data to the Flemish government for i.a. the calculation of the funding for the universities or for the benefit of supranational bodies (eg. OECD). Together with the university library we are a unit of the Centre for Research & Development Monitoring (ECOOM), which has developed a system of R&D and innovation indicators for the Flemish government.

  • RIVA hosts the Antwerp Doctoral School

The Antwerp Doctoral School organizes, coordinates and evaluates the doctoral study programme and the educational credit for all doctoral researchers at the university. We support doctoral candidates during their trajectory, with the role of trust person and contact point, but also help them prepare for their future careers. We also negotiate joint PhD contracts for those doctoral researchers who are conducting their PhD in cooperation with another institution and we organize courses for PhD candidates.

  • RIVA Coordinates the Board of the Antwerp Doctoral School

The Board of the Antwerp Doctoral School contains academic representatives of all faculties and decides i.a. on financial matters and priorities regarding doctoral education, including its quality assurance. Moreover, this board advises on updates to the general PhD regulations and manages the offer of doctoral degree titles that can be obtained at our university. The Antwerp Doctoral School prepares the meetings and follows up on the execution of decisions.

  • RIVA Coordinates the Research and the Valorisation Board 

We provide the necessary support for the Research Board (Onderzoeksraad) and the Council for the Industrial Research Fund (IOF Raad). One of the important tasks of these councils concerns the allocation of funds from, respectively, the University Research Fund (BOF) and the Industrial Research Fund (IOF). RIVA prepares the various calls, organizes the evaluation processes and the follow-up of project reporting.