Training opportunities, activities and tools 

The University of Antwerp offers a range of tools, training opportunities and activities that can support your well-being. Below is a limited overview of some of the initiatives. On the Pintra subsite ‘well-being’ (after login) you can find a full overview on how we work together on your well-being and that of your colleagues, practical tips and what you can do yourself. Well-being means: 


You can count on several support channels to be there for you when needed. Your supervisor is your first point of contact. If you wish to talk to someone else, then you can always reach out to a support channel: 

  • Confidential counsellors at UAntwerp (more information is available on Pintra, after login) 

  • Occupational psychologists (more information is available on Pintra, after login) 

  • Job counsellors (more information is available on the UAntwerp Talent Center website