Key publications

Ecogeomorphic relations between marsh surface elevation and vegetation properties in a temperate multi-species salt marsh
Belliard Jean-Philippe   Temmerman Stijn   Toffolon Marco  
Earth surface processes and landforms - ISSN 0197-9337-42:6 (2017) p. 855-865
A modeling approach to assess coastal management effects on benthic habitat quality : a case study on coastal defense and navigability
Cozzoli Francesco   Smolders Sven   Eelkema Menno   Ysebaert Tom   Escaravage Vincent   Temmerman Stijn   Meire Patrick   Herman Peter M.J.   Bouma Tjeerd J.  
Estuarine, coastal and shelf science - ISSN 0272-7714-184 (2017) p. 67-82
Exploration behaviour in a different light: testing cross-context consistency of a common personality trait
Arvidsson Elisabeth   Adriaensen Frank   Van Dongen Stefan   De Stobbeleere Nils   Matthysen Erik  
Animal behaviour - ISSN 0003-3472-123 (2017) p. 151-158
Emergence, survival, and growth of recruits in a desert ecosystem with vegetation-induced dunes (nebkhas) : a spatiotemporal analysis
Quets Jan   El-Bana Magdy I.   Al-Rowaily Saud L.   Assaeed Abdulaziz M.   Temmerman Stijn   Nijs Ivan  
Journal of arid environments - ISSN 0140-1963-139 (2017) p. 1-10
Management for estuarine ecosystem services : a review
Boerema Annelies   Meire Patrick  
Ecological engineering: the journal of ecotechnology - ISSN 0925-8574-98 (2017) p. 172-182

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