EBQ, Iquitos, Perú

Local Course: Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Qualitative Research Methods

DATE 31 July - 18 August 2017
PLACE Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana, Iquitos, Peru

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Application procedure and criteria for academic eligibility and funding can be found in the EBQ Peru flyer

Deadline for submission of applications is 15 June 2017.

UNAP Iquitos website EBQ Peru edition in Spanish

Aim of the course EBQ Perú

EBQ offers a profound training of three weeks on the basic principles and methods of epidemiology. An in-depth study of biostatistics (lectures and hands-on tutorials with R software) with appropriate methods is integrated in the main epidemiological content. Basic principles of qualitative research methods will be explained, and introductory seminars on systematic review, meta-analysis and molecular epidemiology are also programmed.

The course will be taught by faculty from UAntwerp and UPCH , mainly in Spanish but basic level on English is required in order to follow some specialized seminars during the last course week.


EBQ peru edition