Key publications

A joint action of aptamers and gold nanoparticles chemically trapped on a glassy carbon support for the electrochemical sensing of ofloxacin
Pilehvar Sanaz   Reinemann Christine   Bottari Fabio   Vanderleyden Els   Van Vlierberghe Sandra   Blust Ronny   Strehlitz Beate   De Wael Karolien  
Sensors and actuators : B : chemical - ISSN 0925-4005-240 (2017) p. 1024-1035
The sequencing batch reactor as an excellent configuration to treat wastewater from the petrochemical industry
Caluw√© Michel   Daens Dominique   Blust Ronny   Geuens Luc   Dries Jan  
Water science and technology - ISSN 0273-1223-75:4 (2017) p. 793-801
Chemodynamics of soft nanoparticulate metal complexes : from the local particle/medium interface to a macroscopic sensor surface
Town Raewyn M.   Pinheiro Jos√© Paolo   van Leeuwen Herman P.  
Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids - ISSN 0743-7463-33:2 (2017) p. 527-536
Peptidomics of the zebrafish **Danio rerio** : in search for neuropeptides
Van Camp Kristien   Baggerman Geert   Blust Ronny   Husson Steven  
Journal of proteomics - ISSN 1874-3919-150 (2017) p. 290-296
High levels of PFOS in eggs of three bird species in the neighbourhood of a fluoro-chemical plant
Lopez Antia Ana   Dauwe Tom   Meyer Johan   Maes Koen   Bervoets Lieven   Eens Marcel  
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety - ISSN 0147-6513-139 (2017) p. 165-171

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