Public lecture Carsten Seiffarth at Cinema Zuid

ViDi, MuHKA and ArtinSound invite you to a public lecture by Carsten Seiffarth on Wednesday, November 22 at 7.30pm at Cinema Zuid. This event is part of the PhD research project of ViDi member Wilfried Bossier ‘Sound as the shield of Perseus: Phenomenology of Sound in the aesthetic experience of contemporary art'.

Sound art has become increasingly established as a new art form at the boundary between visual art and music for several decades now. The boundaries shared by this art form, which Bernhard Leitner has described as “sound-space-art”, with media art, electronic music and performance, the environment and kinetic and installation-based site-specific art are all blurred. What has remained central to the genre however is the creation of artistic work with the material of sound in a concrete space. This presentation examines the history of this art form and its rapid international development since the 1990s.The Berlin-based project gallery singuhr – hoergalerie played a certain role in this process, with 88 solo exhibitions and three festivals presenting German and international sound artists in the years from 1996 to 2014. The largest part of the installations from this period were sound art works conceived for a specific space. Since 2014, the little team of the original listening gallery has also been working on projects beyond the city limits of Berlin under the label “singuhr – projekte”.

In a short excursion, questions regarding the exhibition of installation-based sound art in the contemporary art scene will be discussed.

Carsten Seiffarth was born in 1963 in Berlin; 1986-1988 orchestral music studies at the Franz Liszt School of Music, Weimar (trombone); 1988-1989 visiting student at the Humboldt University Berlin art history, aesthetics and philosophy, 1990-1993 musicology/sociology studies at the TU Berlin. From 1991 onwards, freelance project work as: curator, producer, dramatic advisor, organisational management. Curated solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Norway, U.S.A., Romania, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxemburg, Croatia, Estonia, Mexico. Editor of several books, singuhr – hoergalerie, tesla – media art lab berlin, Paul DeMarinis, Gordon Monahan, etc. 2005-2007 member of the artistic direction of the media art laboratory "tesla" in Berlin. 2011/2012 artistic director of "sound exchange", a project about experimental music cultures in central and eastern europe. Since 2010 curator and artistic director "bonn hoeren", urban sound art in bonn and since 1996 curator + artistic director "singuhr — hoergalerie", since 2014 "singuhr — projects", Berlin.

Luc Pauwels is exhibiting at the symposium 'Urban Photography: Making, Researching, Teaching'

Luc Pauwels is exhibiting at the symposium 'Urban Photography: Making, Researching, Teaching' (contemporary approaches and debates within the visual and pedagogical practice of urban photography) at the Photographers' Gallery, London, 13th November 2017. 

What insights and understanding about contemporary urban space can be gained through the practice of and research into urban photography? This day of discussion features artists, urbanists and academics across two panels exploring Teaching Photography and The City as Playground.

Featuring Senior Lecturers in Photography at the University of West London Peter Bennett and Theresa Mikuriya; Paul Halliday, convenor of the MA Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London; photographers and Goldsmiths' Visiting Fellows Gill Golding and David Kendall; and Linda Lai, Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media.

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Ethnoally listed by MIT's DocuBase

Ethnoally, the digital tool and mobile application that enables researchers to create and organize multimodal field notes for ethnographic studies is now listed by MIT's DocuBase. Ethnoally has been created at ViDi in collaboration with DeustoTech.

Ethnoally is a digital research tool designed for coordinating those multiple acts of “serendipitous ethnography” that can be enacted today in many variable contexts with the help pf smartphones. It was originally ideated by Paolo S. H. Favero with funding from FWO and realized by Alfonso Bahillo (DeustoTech Fundación - University of Deusto). Eva Theunissen has worked on user experience and conducted the first rounds of structured ethnographic testing and London-based visual artist Ali Zaidi had also worked on user experience and developed some aesthetic features.

Launch 'Cinema City Cultures' website

The Cinema City Cultures website, which is now being launched, is linked to a network of collaborative research projects examining and questioning the interconnection between cinema, modernity and urbanity. The network brings together researchers who deal with this topic by using empirical research on urban cinematic practices and experiences. Inspired by a new cinema history approach, projects within the Cinema City Cultures network concentrate on cinematic place and space, programming and audience experience. Bringing together projects from different countries and continents, the network fosters inter- and multidisciplinarity, international collaborative and comparative research, as well as the use of new digital research approaches. Cinema City Cultures is an initiative by Daniel Biltereyst and Philippe Meers. For an overview of projects and researchers, see here.