Ann Verhetsel

Full professor economic geography

Publications in the spotlight

Understanding evolution in the Antwerp chemical cluster : the role of regional development strategies
Vanthillo Ties   Cant Jeroen   Vanelslander Thierry   Verhetsel Ann  
European planning studies - ISSN 0965-4313-26:8 (2018) p. 1519-1536
Migration and commuting interactions fields : a new geography with community detection algorithm?
Thomas Isabelle   Adam Arnaud   Verhetsel Ann  
Belgeo: Belgisch tijdschrift voor geografie - ISSN 1377-2368-4 (2017) p. 1-17
Maritime world cities : development of the global maritime management network
Verhetsel Ann   Vanelslander Thierry   Balliauw Matteo  
International journal of shipping and transport logistics - ISSN 1756-6525-8:3 (2016) p. 294-317
Location of logistics companies : a stated preference study to disentangle the impact of accessibility
Verhetsel Ann   Kessels Roselinde   Goos Peter   Zijlstra Toon   Blomme Nele   Cant Jeroen  
Journal of transport geography - ISSN 0966-6923-42 (2015) p. 110-121

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