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Effects of IR heating on distribution and transport of gaseous air pollutants in urban and mountain churches in Poland
Bencs László   Spolnik Zoya   Worobiec Anna   Samek Lucyna   Jutte Bernhard A. H. G.   Van Grieken René  
Journal of cultural heritage - ISSN 1296-2074-36 (2019) p. 200-209
The contribution of outdoor particulate matter ($PM_{1}$, $PM_{2.5}$, $PM_{10}$) to school indoor environment
Zwozdziak A.   Sowka I.   Worobiec Anna   Zwozdziak J.   Nych A.  
Indoor and built environment - ISSN 1420-326X-24:8 (2015) p. 1038-1047
Gross alpha and beta activities of airborne particulate samples from Wawel Royal Castle Museum in Cracow, Poland
Akbulut Songul   Krupinska Barbara   Worobiec Anna   Čevik Ugur   Taskin Halim   Van Grieken René   Samek Lucyna   Wiłkojć Ewa  
Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry - ISSN 0236-5731-295:2 (2013) p. 1567-1573
Molecular spectroscopy study of human tooth tissues affected by high dose of external ionizing radiation (caused by the nuclear catastrophe of the Chernobyl plant)
Darchuk Larysa   Zaverbna L.V.   Worobiec Anna   Van Grieken René  
Current topics in ionizing radiation research / Nenoi, M. [edit.]-p. 349-362
Size distribution and chemical properties of welding fumes of inhalable particles
Oprya M.   Kiro S.   Worobiec Anna   Horemans Benjamin   Darchuk Larysa   Novakovic V.   Ennan A.   Van Grieken René  
Journal of aerosol science - ISSN 0021-8502-45:1 (2012) p. 50-57

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