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Characterization of a nitrogen gliding arc plasmatron using optical emission spectroscopy and high-speed camera
Gröger Sven   Ramakers Marleen   Hamme Marc   Medrano Jose A.   Bibinov Nikita   Gallucci Fausto   Bogaerts Annemie   Awakowicz Peter  
Journal of physics: D: applied physics - ISSN 0022-3727-52:6 (2019)
White paper on the future of plasma science in environment, for gas conversion and agriculture
Brandenburg Ronny   Bogaerts Annemie   Bongers Waldo   Fridman Alexander   Fridman Gregory   Locke Bruce R.   Miller Vandana   Reuter Stephan   Schiorlin Milko   Verreycken Tiny   Ostrikov Kostya  
Plasma processes and polymers - ISSN 1612-8850-16:1 (2019)
Non-thermal plasma as a unique delivery system of short-lived reactive oxygen and nitrogen species for immunogenic cell death in melanoma cells
Lin Abraham   Gorbanev Yury   De Backer Joey   Van Loenhout Jinthe   Van Boxem Wilma   Lemière Filip   Cos Paul   Dewilde Sylvia   Smits Evelien   Bogaerts Annemie  
Advanced Science - ISSN 2198-3844-6:6 (2019)
Atmospheric pressure glow discharge for $CO_{2}$ conversion : model-based exploration of the optimum reactor configuration
Trenchev Georgi   Nikiforov A.   Wang Weizong   Kolev St.   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-362 (2019) p. 830-841
Reaction of chloride anion with atomic oxygen in aqueous solutions : can cold plasma help in chemistry research?
Gorbanev Yury   Van der Paal Jonas   Van Boxem Wilma   Dewilde Sylvia   Bogaerts Annemie  
Physical chemistry, chemical physics - ISSN 1463-9076-21:8 (2019) p. 4117-4121

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