Esther van Zimmeren

Tenure Track Research Professor

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About Esther van Zimmeren

Esther van Zimmeren is Research Professor in Intellectual Property (IP) Law & Governance at the Faculty of Law of the University of Antwerp (2013-present). She is a member of the Research Groups Government & Law and Business & Law. Between 2015-2017 she was the Head of the Research Group Government & Law. She has two Master Degrees from the University of Tilburg (Master in Dutch law and Master in International and European Law), an LL.M. in EU & IP Law from the KU Leuven (2002) and a PhD in Law from the KU Leuven (2011).

She has particular expertise in IP law, in particular in patent law, IP governance, innovation policy, technology transfer, competition law, contract law, European institutional and economic law and international trade law.

Many of her research projects and publications are interdisciplinary, e.g. collaborations with geneticists, economists, physicists, philosophers, artists, designers, architects, urban planners, librarians and social and political scientists.


Venusstraat 23
2000 Antwerpen
Tel. 032655492