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Gig@risk: towards a legal framework for gig workers` and prosumers` risk management. 01/10/2019 - 30/09/2023


Platform economy makes it possible for consumers to market their available time (as gig worker) or assets (as prosumer). This is possible with very limited transaction costs and in a very short time frame. This has however as a consequence that also information needs to start such activities have been strongly reduced, which may trigger an unawareness about the risk linked to these activities amongst the actors involved. In many fields of private law, there are rules that aim to provide risk management to parties with a protectable interest. Such risk management is implement through information duties, limitation of the liability exposure and/ or mandatory insurance. The limited scope of such instruments has however as a consequence that gig workers and prosumers will not necessarily benefit from such mechanisms. This research aims to investigate the risks gig workers and prosumers are exposed to in the performance of their activities, the extent to which they are aware of these risks and to design a risk management model which can protect gig workers, prosumers and third parties.


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