Publications in the spotlight

Elastic recovery of filler-binders to safeguard viability of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG during direct compression
Byl Eline   Lebeer Sarah   Kiekens Filip  
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics - ISSN 0939-6411-135 (2019) p. 36-43
Performance and stability of a dynamically controlled EBPR anaerobic/aerobic granular sludge reactor
De Vleeschauwer Flinn   Caluwé Michel   Dobbeleers Thomas   Stes Hannah   Dockx Lennert   Kiekens Filip   D' aes Jolien   Copot Cosmin   Dries Jan  
Bioresource technology - ISSN 0960-8524- (2019) p. 1-29
Ultrasound-assisted extraction optimization and validation of an HPLC-DAD method for the quantification of polyphenols in leaf extracts of Cecropia species
Rivera-Mondragón Andrés   Broeckx Géraldine   Bijttebier Sebastiaan   Naessens Tania   Fransen Erik   Kiekens Filip   Caballero-George Catherina   Vander Heyden Ivan   Apers Sandra   Pieters Luc   Foubert Kenn  
Scientific reports - ISSN 2045-2322-9 (2019)
Influence of mixed feeding rate in a conventional SBR on biological P-removal and granule stability while treating different industrial effluents
Stes Hannah   Aerts Sven   Caluwé Michel   D' aes Jolien   De Vleesschauwer Flinn   Dobbeleers Thomas   De Langhe Piet   Kiekens Filip   Dries Jan   De Vleeschauwer Flinn  
Water science and technology - ISSN 0273-1223-79:4 (2019) p. 645-655
Dry amorphisation of mangiferin, a poorly water-soluble compound, using mesoporous silica
Baán Adrienn   Adriaensens Peter   Lammens Joris   Delgado Hernandez René   Vanden Berghe Wim   Pieters Luc   Vervaet Chris   Kiekens Filip  
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics - ISSN 0939-6411-141 (2019) p. 172-179

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