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Francis Mus (1983) is a postdoctoral researcher in Translation Studies at the University of Antwerp, where he teaches translation from French. Until October 2019, he was assistant professor at the University of Liège and research assistant at the University of Leuven. His research interests focus on the way(s) in which literature functions and circulates within and between multilingual and multicultural spaces, and on the role of translation within this circulation and reception process. During the last decade, he has been working on two complementary research projects. He wrote a PhD dissertation on the internationalization of the Belgian avant-garde in a corpus of literary magazines, written in French and in Dutch. A second project deals with the international circulation of music and literature. Initially, his main focus was the work of the Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, both in his homeland and on an international scale. Mus’ essay De demonen van Leonard Cohen (2015) was awarded the Literary Prize of the Province of East Flanders. In 2018, he has broadened his scope by studying the literary production of several popular musicians. Francis Mus has contributed to a variety of leading journals in the fields of Translation Studies and Literary Studies, including TTR, JoSTrans, Orbis Litterarum and Cadernos de Tradução. An updated, scholarly version of his monograph on Cohen was published in 2020 by Ottawa University Press.

The translation and intermedial adaptation of multimodal children's literature. 01/11/2021 - 31/10/2023


This project proposes an interdisciplinary research in the fields of children's literature studies and translation studies. It aims to get a better understanding of multimodal children's literature in translation and intermedial adaptations in three languages. More specifically, Maureen Hosay wants to study how modes and media are combined in different versions, ranging from conventional interlingual translations to multimodal and intermedial adaptations in English, French, and Dutch. In the analysis of the case studies, Maureen Hosay will focus on the translations and adaptations of three contemporary multimodal works of children's literature that are very popular among young readers: We're Going on a Bear Hunt (M. Rosen, illustrated by H. Oxenbury), The Gruffalo (J. Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler) and The Story of Tracey Beaker (J. Willson, illustrated by N.. Sharratt). These children's books, written not long before the turn of the century (1989, 1991, and 1999 respectively), have been translated into numerous languages, and modally and medially adapted. Combining a bottom-up analysis of three case studies with a top-down approach based on insights of children's literature studies, translation studies, and adaptation studies, the project aims to develop a toolkit to supplement the current theoretical framework for studying children's literature in translation.


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