Herwig Leirs


Publications in the spotlight

Density-dependence and persistence of Morogoro arenavirus transmission in a fluctuating population of its reservoir host
Mariën Joachim   Borremans Benny   Verhaeren Christophe   Kirkpatrick Lucinda   Gryseels Sophie   Goüy de Bellocq Joëlle   Günther Stephan   Sabuni Christopher A.   Massawe Apia W.   Reijniers Jonas   Leirs Herwig  
The journal of animal ecology - ISSN 0021-8790-89:2 (2020) p. 506-518
Is leaf pruning the key factor to successful biological control of aphids in sweet pepper?
Brenard Nathalie   Bosmans Lien   Leirs Herwig   De Bruyn Luc   Sluydts Vincent   Moerkens Rob  
Pest management science - ISSN 1526-498X-76:2 (2020) p. 676-684
Functional volumes, niche packing and species richness : biogeographic legacies in the Congo Basin
Van de Perre Frederik   Willig Michael R.   Presley Steven J.   Mukinzi Itoka Jean-Claude   Gambalemoke Mbalitini Sylvestre   Leirs Herwig   Verheyen Erik K.  
Royal Society Open Science - ISSN 2054-5703-7:3 (2020) p. 1-11
Application of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) to forecast rodent population abundance in smallholder agro-ecosystems in semi-arid areas in Tanzania
Chidodo Davis J.   Kimaro Didas N.   Hieronimo Proches   Makundi Rhodes H.   Isabirye Moses   Leirs Herwig   Massawe Apia W.   Mdangi Mashaka E.   Kifumba David   Mulungu Loth S.  
Mammalia : morphologie, biologie, systématique des mammifères - ISSN 0025-1461-84:2 (2020) p. 136-143
Agricultural and landscape factors related to increasing wild boar agricultural damage in a highly anthropogenic landscape
Rutten Anneleen   Casaer Jim   Strubbe Diederik   Leirs Herwig  
Wildlife Biology - ISSN 0909-6396-2020:1 (2020)

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