Ivo Dewit

Postdoctoral researcher


Research group

Product development


  • 1. Increasing the efficiency of the process from early stage (FEI) ideation of new products and services towards feasible market opportunities in organisations. - Developed Idea to Market toolkit (I2M) supports this process. 2. well-designed products and services result from a thorough understanding of the needs of users. The importance of a user-centred approach cannot be emphasized enough. - Developed Human centered design (HCD) roadmap supports this process. 3. The PSS design methodology, tools and research support the design of product service systems that account for a prolonged life span due to a combination of products and services, their unique interaction with the user and the experience it leverages. (Using insights from the domains of systems and systemic thinking, service design, human-centered design, interaction design, product design and design thinking) - Developed (PhD) PSS design methodology supports this process. - Creativity Support Index | psychometric survey (tool) can be used to interpret the support of creativity tools (during creative processes) on 6 factors: collaboration, immersion, resultswortheffort, expressiveness, enjoyment, exploration. 4. Research methodology: Design research 5. Background in change management