Jonas Hereijgers

Jonas Hereijgers


Campus Drie Eiken
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk, BEL

Jonas Hereijgers obtained his joint PhD in Engineering Sciences in 2016 at the VUB and UAntwerp and is since then active as a post-doctoral researcher at the research group Applied Electrochemistry & Catalysis (ELCAT).

As a post-doctoral researcher, Jonas studies ordered 3D electrodes for electrochemistry. Electrochemistry is one of the answers to a greener and a more renewable chemical industry. By adding electricity during the reaction, the process can proceed much more efficient. High temperatures, which are typically necessary in the classical chemical industry, are no longer required, omitting the need to burn fossil fuels.

The electrode surface at which the reaction takes place and the transport of the reagents towards this surface are crucial and should be large enough to obtain a satisfying yield. Jonas tries to improve these parameters by developing ordered 3D electrodes.