Jonas Hereijgers

Postdoctoral Reseacher


Research group

Applied Electrochemistry & Catalysis (ELCAT)


  • My research focusses on enhancement strategies in (electro)chemical reactor engineering to improve efficiency and productivity, particularly by improving mass transport through fluid control and hydrodynamics optimization. This process intensification is achieved both by computational calculations as experimental characterisation. By numerical computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations the relationship between reactor design and hydrodynamic behaviour is unravelled and new insights obtained through dimensionless number correlation analysis. By experimental characterisation, new and innovative reactor designs are optimized towards high selectivity and productivity. Through a range of (additive) manufacturing techniques (e.g. 3D printing, micromilling) these reactor designs are constructed in-house and tailored to the operating behaviour of the application at hand (e.g. 3D printed electrodes for electrochemistry), allowing to identify bottlenecks and grants the possibility to properly adapt the electrode or spacer geometry. Mass transport and fluid handling, when not taken care of, diminish the properties of any excellent catalyst. Only when the intrinsic reaction and mass transfer kinetics are matched, an economically viable process can be established. Moreover, this combined approach of numerical calculations and experimental testing, allows to validate insights gained from CFD results, linking theoretical concepts with experimental data.


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