Jonas Schoelynck

Postdoc Researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Hippos (Hippopotamus amphibius) : the animal silicon pump
Schoelynck Jonas   Subalusky Amanda L.   Struyf Eric   Dutton Christopher L.   Unzué Belmonte Dácil   Van de Vijver Bart   Post David M.   Rosi Emma J.   Meire Patrick   Frings Patrick  
Science Advances - ISSN 2375-2548-5:5 (2019)
The role of macrophyte structural complexity and water flow velocity in determining the epiphytic macroinvertebrate community composition in a lowland stream
Wolters Jan-Willem   Verdonschot Ralf C. M.   Schoelynck Jonas   Verdonschot Piet F. M.   Meire Patrick  
Hydrobiologia - ISSN 0018-8158-806:1 (2018) p. 157-173
What is a macrophyte patch? Patch identification in aquatic ecosystems and guidelines for consistent delineation
Schoelynck Jonas   Creëlle Stéphan   Buis Kerst   De Mulder Tom   Emsens Willem-Jan   Hein Thomas   Meire Dieter   Meire Patrick   Okruszko Tomasz   Preiner Stefan   Roldan Gonzalez Rebeca   Silinski Alexandra   Temmerman Stijn   Troch Peter   Van Oyen Tomas   Verschoren Veerle   Visser Fleur   Wang Chen   Wolters Jan-Willem   Folkard Andrew  
Ecohydrology and hydrobiology - ISSN 1642-3593-18:1 (2018) p. 1-9
Coping with waves : plasticity in tidal marsh plants as self-adapting coastal ecosystem engineers
Silinski Alexandra   Schoutens Ken   Puijalon Sara   Schoelynck Jonas   Luyckx Deirdre   Troch Peter   Meire Patrick   Temmerman Stijn  
Limnology and oceanography - ISSN 0024-3590-63:2 (2018) p. 799-815
Mapping of submerged aquatic vegetation in rivers from very high-resolution image data, using object-based image analysis combined with expert knowledge
Visser Fleur   Buis Kerst   Verschoren Veerle   Schoelynck Jonas  
Hydrobiologia - ISSN 0018-8158-812:1 (2018) p. 157-175

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