Jonas Schoelynck

Postdoc Researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Enhanced weathering and related element fluxes : a cropland mesocosm approach
Amann Thorben   Hartmann Jens   Struyf Eric   de Oliveira Garcia Wagner   Fischer Elke K.   Janssens Ivan   Meire Patrick   Schoelynck Jonas  
Biogeosciences - ISSN 1726-4170-17:1 (2020) p. 103-119
On the move : new insights on the ecology and management of native and alien macrophytes
Hofstra Deborah   Schoelynck Jonas   Ferrell Jason   Coetzee Julie   de Winton Mary   Bickel Tobias   Champion Paul   Madsen John   Bakker Elisabeth S.   Hilt Sabine   Matheson Fleur   Netherland Mike   Gross Elisabeth M.  
Aquatic botany - ISSN 0304-3770-162 (2020)
Substrate-dependent fermentation of bamboo in giant panda gut microbiomes : leaf primarily to ethanol and pith to lactate
Scoma Alberto   Khor Way Cern   Coma Marta   Heyer Robert   Props Ruben   Schoelynck Jonas   Bouts Tim   Benndorf Dirk   Li Desheng   Zhang Hemin   Rabaey Korneel  
Frontiers in microbiology - ISSN 1664-302X-11 (2020) p. 1-12
Influence of water temperature and water depth on macrophyte-bacterioplankton interaction in a groundwater-fed river
Dai Yanran   Hein Thomas   Preiner Stefan   Reitsema Rosanne E.   Schoelynck Jonas  
Environmental Science and Pollution Research - ISSN 0944-1344-
Design and testing of a trap removing Chinese mitten crabs (Eriocheir sinensis, H. Milne Edwards, 1853) from invaded river systems
Schoelynck Jonas   Van Loon Paul   Heirmans Ritchie   Jacobs Steven   Keirsebelik Heleen  
River research and applications - ISSN 1535-1459-p. 1-11

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