Jonas Schoelynck

Postdoc Researcher


Research group

Ecosystem Management


  • In my research I focus on the BIO in biogeochemistry. This means that I study the interaction of plants and animals with their environment, and in particular chemical and geomorphological processes in aquatic ecosystems. I have experience with fieldwork (taking samples in lakes, rivers and wetlands), chemical analyses of water, plants and soil in the lab and the processing of the results into new insights. Most of the research has been done in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland, but I also participated in numerous expeditions to various African rivers and wetlands. Complementary to this fieldwork are laboratory tests. I tested many hypotheses in experiments, both on a small scale in the lab and on a mesocosm scale in the Mesodrome, a new state-of-the-art research facility on our campus. As a whole, I have the greatest affinity with aquatic plants, Chinese mitten crabs, hippos, the silicon cycle and the interaction of plants with water flow.


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