I am specialized in the role of biology in biogeochemistry of freshwater ecosystems, meaning that I study the interaction of plants and animals with the transformation and transportation of elements.

“Living plants retard the wash by impounding atoms; dead plants by locking them into decayed tissues…. Mice and men, soils and songs, might merely be ways to retard the march of atoms to the sea” - Aldo Leopold, 1949

I studied Biology at the University of Antwerp and did my PhD at the Ecosystem Management Research group studying the effects of water plants on water quality and quantity. Today, I am a postdoc fellow -holding an FWO research grant- studying the effects of Global Change on water plant resilience to hydrodynamic stress, on plant litter quality and on litter decomposition. I worked part-time at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology in Wageningen, and I am currently leading several projects of which one in Austria to quantify the role of water plants in rivers at a catchment-wide scale. I have a particular fondness for wetlands across Africa where I had several research stays in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South-Africa.