Milena Belloni

Post-doctoral researcher


Research group

Centre for Research on Environmental and Social Change


  • I am a sociologist of migration with a particular expertise in ethnography, refugee studies and the Horn of Africa. I am currently working on a project about refugee families' reunification procedures in Belgium and Italy. Over the past 10 years, my primary concerns of investigation have been the drivers and the dynamics of forced and high risk-migrants; migrant smuggling; gender and migration; secondary movements of asylum seekers and refugees within Europe; Dublin Regulations and its implications; home and housing studies. Most of my empirical work has been based on qualitative methods such as life-stories collection, qualitative interviews and, most notably, multi-sited ethnography. I have done fieldwork in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands from 2012 onwards. My research settings included refugee camps, asylum centers, and urban diverse neighbourhoods.


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