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Milena Belloni has gained her PhD in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento, Italy, with the Maria Baganha (IMISCOE) award-winning thesis “Cosmologies of Destinations: roots and routes of Eritrean forced migration towards Europe” (July 2016). Before moving to Antwerp, she has been a Post-doctoral Fellow in Modern Italian Studies at the American Academy in Rome. Her research interests mostly concern the micro-level analysis of refugees’ decision-making, the asylum-migration nexus, migrant smuggling, refugees’ livelihood strategies in urban areas, the ethnology of the Horn of Africa, and ethnographic methods. She has published on several academic journals, such as the Journal of Refugee Studies, the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies and Human Geography. She has occasionally collaborated with the Global Post, Al Jazeera, the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat and Allegra writing articles on forced migration. She has also worked as a consultant for GSDRC in Birmingham and Women Empower Committee in Italy. She is member of several research networks, such as ESCAPES, ASAI (the Italian Association for African Studies), ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists) and IMISCOE (the largest European research network on integration and cohesion). For a full list of her publications see

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