Niel Hens


Publications in the spotlight

Household members do not contact each other at random: implications for infectious disease modelling
Goeyvaerts Nele   Santermans Eva   Potter Gail   Torneri Andrea   Van Kerckhove Kim   Willem Lander   Aerts Marc   Beutels Philippe   Hens Niel  
Structural differences in mixing behavior informing the role of asymptomatic infection and testing symptom heritability
Santermans Eva   Van Kerckhove Kim   Azmon Amin   Edmunds W. John   Beutels Philippe   Faes Christel   Hens Niel  
Mathematical biosciences - ISSN 0025-5564-285 (2017) p. 43-54
Integrating between-host transmission and within-host immunity to analyze the impact of varicella vaccination on zoster
Ogunjimi Benson   Willem Lander   Beutels Philippe   Hens Niel  
eLife - ISSN 2050-084X-4 (2015)
Estimating dynamic transmission model parameters for seasonal influenza by fitting to age and season-specific influenza-like illness incidence
Goeyvaerts Nele   Willem Lander   Van Kerckhove Kim   Vandendijck Yannick   Hanquet Germaine   Beutels Philippe   Hens Niel  
Epidemics - ISSN 1755-4365-13 (2015) p. 1-9
The impact of illness on social networks : implications for transmission and control of influenza
Van Kerckhove Kim   Hens Niel   Edmunds W. John   Eames Ken T.D.  
American journal of epidemiology - ISSN 0002-9262-178:11 (2013) p. 1655-1662
Modeling infectious disease parameters based on serological and social contact data : a modern statistical perspective
Hens Niel   Shkedy Ziv   Aerts Marc   Faes Christel   van Damme Pierre   Beutels Philippe  
New York, N.Y., Springer, 2012,298 p.
Robust reconstruction and analysis of outbreak data : influenza A(H1N1)v transmission in a school-based population
Hens Niel   Calatayud Laurence   Kurkela Satu   Tamme Teele   Wallinga Jacco  
American journal of epidemiology - ISSN 0002-9262-176:3 (2012) p. 196-203
Living on three time scales : the dynamics of plasma cell and antibody populations illustrated for hepatitis A virus
Andraud Mathieu   Lejeune Olivier   Musoro Jammbe Z.   Ogunjimi Benson   Beutels Philippe   Hens Niel  
PLoS computational biology - ISSN 1553-734X-8:3 (2012) p. e1002418,1-e1002418,8
Model structure analysis to estimate basic immunological processes and maternal risk for parvovirus B19
Goeyvaerts Nele   Hens Niel   Aerts Marc   Beutels Philippe  
Biostatistics - ISSN 1465-4644-12:2 (2011) p. 283-302
Using empirical social contact data to model person to person infectious disease transmission: an illustration for varicella
Ogunjimi Benson   Hens Niel   Goeyvaerts Nele   Aerts marc   van Damme Pierre   Beutels Philippe  
Mathematical biosciences - ISSN 0025-5564-218:2 (2009) p. 80-87
Social contact and mixing patterns relevant to the spread of infectious diseases: a multi-country population-based survey
Mossong J.   Jit M.   Hens Niel   Beutels Philippe   Auranen K.   Mikolajczyk R.   Scalia-Tomba G.P.   Wallinga J.   Sadkowska-Todys M.   Rosinska M.   Edmunds W.J.  
European journal of public health - ISSN 1101-1262-17:suppl.2 (2007) p. 57-58
Model selection for incomplete and design-based samples
Hens Niel   Aerts M.   Molenberghs Geert  
Statistics in medicine - ISSN 0277-6715-25:14 (2006) p. 2502-2520

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