My book 'African artisanal mining from the inside out. Access, norms and power in Congo's gold sector' is now published with Routledge!

Short introduction

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I am working as an assistant professor (tenure track) in International Development, Globalization and Poverty at the Institute of Development Policy and Management University of Antwerp, Belgium. I also hold a position as post-doctoral research fellow with the Research Foundation- Flanders.

I am co-director of ECA - CREAC (Expertise Center for Central Africa) and project leader of the Centre d’Expertise en Gestion Minière (CEGEMI) at the Université Catholique de Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

I am teaching courses on Global Value Chains and Access to markets and value chains in the Master in Globalization and Development at IOB.

My current research interests lie in the global and local development dimensions of extractivist projects, addressing questions about more socially responsible and inclusive forms of globalization. I will look, among others, at global regulatory systems and development outcomes in the South (e.g. CSR), at 'linkages' and local spillovers from mining activities, and at labour markets in the extractive industries.

So far my research has focused on the political economy/ political ecology of mining, looking at how benefits and power are distributed, as well as how practices and interactions are regulated and governed. While my PhD studied artisanal gold mining in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo through the lens of 'access theory', my post-doctoral project focuses on hybrid governance and company-community relations in large-scale gold projects in the DRC and in Ghana.

I have published numerous articles in academic journals such as African Affairs, Journal of Modern African Studies, Journal of Eastern African Studies, European Journal of Development Research, Resources Policy, Extractive Industries and Society and Futures (see profile on University of Antwerp, ResearchGate and GoogleScholar). I have done consultancy work for international organizations and have given expert advice on the issue of artisanal mining and conflict minerals in the DRC. I am the author of African artisanal mining from the inside out. Access, norms and power in the Congolese gold sector (Routledge).


You can find my CV here (updated June 2015).