Steve Paulussen

Associate professor

Publications in the spotlight

Moving towards transparency for native advertisements on news websites : a test of more detailed disclosures
Krouwer Simone   Poels Karolien   Paulussen Steve  
International journal of advertising - ISSN 0265-0487-39:1 (2020) p. 51-73
Managing super-diversity on television : the representation of ethnic minorities in Flemish non-fiction programmes
Panis Koen   Paulussen Steve   Dhoest Alexander  
Media and communication - ISSN 2183-2439-7:1 (2019) p. 13-21
Six uses of analytics : digital editors' perceptions of audience analytics in the newsroom
Lamot Kenza   Paulussen Steve  
Journalism practice - ISSN 1751-2786- (2019) p. 1-16
Much Ado About Nothing? The low importance of Twitter as a sourcing tool for economic journalists
Johnson Michiel   Paulussen Steve   Van Aelst Peter  
Digital journalism - ISSN 2167-0811-6:7 (2018) p. 869-888
Citizen media practices at the digital startup Mvslim
Bodrozic Stevan   Paulussen Steve  
Journalism practice - ISSN 1751-2786-12:8 (2018) p. 1061-1069
Innovation in the newsroom
Paulussen Steve  
The Sage handbook of digital journalism / Witschge, Tamara; e.a.-p. 192-206
Social media references in newspapers, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as sources in newspaper journalism
Paulussen Steve   Harder Raymond  
Journalism practice - ISSN 1751-2786-8 (2014) p. 1-10

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