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Movement Antwerp (MOVANT)


  • Biomechanical motion analysis (with statistical analysis and interpretation) at the Multidisciplinary Motor Centre of the University Antwerp (M²OCEAN) Effects of a Tai-Chi intervention on sound parameters and bodily movements in marimba players Previous research in Tai Chi philosophy and marimba literature have shown some traces of connection between marimba practice and Tai Chi. As Tai Chi not only is practiced as a martial art form, it is also situated in a philosophical context and the depth of its principles supports the Tai Chi movements (Tai Chi Chuan). The hypothesis is that the development of marimba playing techniques may benefit from the art of Tai Chi as it may assist marimba students to develop a healthy performance approach and exploring a wider range of body movements in marimba practice. Meanwhile, several studies have demonstrated the important aspects in marimba practice, such as: the feature in different grips, sound production, tone color, and expressiveness in musical performance. In order to provide supporting evidences to the hypothesis, this research collaborates with the department of the Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (Revaki) and the Acoustic Recording Services (ARS) at the Multidisciplinary Motor Centre of the University Antwerp (M2OCEAN). The research method includes: scientific measurements of the movements of the marimba players who participate in the study in order to collect statistic data; a thematic analysis of the oral interviews with the same participants; an evaluation of the data and measurements by experts of different fields. This research is performed in collaboration between: Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp Prof Jozef Colpaert, Department of Instructional and Educational Sciences Prof Steven Truijen, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Prof Stijn Verwulgen, Department of Product Development Prof Ann Hallemans, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Drs. Jim Lin Chin-Cheng, Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and Lemmens Institute, Leuven


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