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Stijn Derammelaere was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, in 1984. He received the Master degree in automation from the Technical University College of West-Flanders, Belgium, in 2006. He received the Ph.D. degree in 2013 at Ghent University where he initiated research concerning control engineering, co-design of control and mechatronic systems and the motion control of fractional horsepower machines. He continues this research since 2017 at the University of Antwerp as a professor in mechatronics.

Professor Derammelaere inspires his research goals on intense collaborations with industry. In industry, constructors of machines such as weaving looms, agricultural machines, sheet metalworking machines, additive manufacturing machines, production lines and logistic firms all operate in a competitive international market. Moreover, there is a worldwide trend towards more autonomous systems. To retain and increase their market share these machine constructors need to improve their machines concerning the productivity, energy usage, quality and robustness of their machines while keeping the cost minimal.

As the control algorithms directly drive the actuators, the controllers have a significant influence on the productivity, energy usage, quality and robustness requirements. To optimize the performance of the control towards these requirements, the research of professor Derammelaere considers four essential topics. First of all, his attention goes to the control algorithm and more important control architecture. Secondly, research on the optimal selection, optimal placement of sensors and implementation of feedback estimation guarantees cost-efficient control. Furthermore, next to control optimizations, trajectory optimization improves the energy-usage and output of the machine. Finally, all these issues; control architecture, feedback optimization and estimation and path planning deliver the best results if a reliable dynamic system model is available.


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