Sunčica Vujić

Associate Professor of Applied Econometrics

Publications in the spotlight

From high school to the high chair : education and fertility timing
James Jonathan   Vujić Sunčica  
Economics of education review - ISSN 0272-7757-69 (2019) p. 1-24
Does it pay to care? Volunteering and employment opportunities
Baert Stijn   Vujić Sunčica  
Journal of population economics - ISSN 0933-1433-31:3 (2018) p. 819-836
Intervention time series analysis of crime rates : the case of sentence reform in Virginia
Vujić Sunčica   Commandeur Jacques J.F.   Koopman Siem Jan  
Economic modelling - ISSN 0264-9993-57 (2016) p. 311-323
Immigrant volunteering : a way out of labour market discrimination?
Baert Stijn   Vujić Sunčica  
Economics letters - ISSN 0165-1765-146 (2016) p. 95-98
Gender wage inequality in the Western Balkans
Vladisavljevic Marko   Avlija Sonja   Vujić Sunčica  
Inequalities during and after transition in Central and Eastern Europe / Perugini, Christiano [edit.]-p. 222-243
Why are criminals less educated than non-criminals? Evidence from a cohort of young Australian twins
Webbink Dinand   Koning Pierre   Vujić Sunčica   Martin Nicholas G.  
Journal of law, economics and organization - ISSN 1465-7341-29:1 (2013) p. 115-144
Youth crime and education expansion
Machin Stephen   Marie Olivier   Vujić Sunčica  
German economic review - ISSN 1465-6485-13:4 (2012) p. 366-384
Economic trends and cycles in crime : a study for England and Wales
Vujić Sunčica   Koopman Siem Jan   Commandeur Jacques J.F.  
Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik - ISSN 0021-4027-232:6 (2012) p. 652-677
The effects of competition on the quality of primary schools in the Netherlands
Noailly Joëlle   Vujić Sunčica   Aouragh Ali  
Environment and planning : A : international journal of urban and regional research - ISSN 0308-518X-44:9 (2012) p. 2153-2170
The effect of childhood conduct disorder on human capital
Webbink Dinand   Vujić Sunčica   Koning Pierre   Martin Nicholas G.  
Health economics - ISSN 1057-9230-21:8 (2012) p. 928-945
The crime reducing effect of education
Machin Stephen   Marie Olivier   Vujić Sunčica  
The economic journal: the quarterly journal - ISSN 0013-0133-121:552 (2011) p. 463-484

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