Sunčica Vujić

Associate Professor of Applied Econometrics


Research group



  • My research is in the field of applied (both micro and macro) econometrics and labour economics, with a focus on education, crime, health, gender, and the position of different groups in the labour market, such as: (1) Youth at risk of crime, unemployment, and teen pregnancy; (2) Labour market position of women – gender pay and pension gaps, career progression and glass ceiling, discrimination; (3) Inequality and intergenerational mobility – equalisation of educational attainment of those from different socioeconomic backgrounds as an important tool for improving the equality of opportunity in society; (4) Economic and pro-social behaviour within organisations (social businesses) and returns to entrepreneurship; and (5) Financial services, social networks and financial practices in developing countries. My research tackles problems of modern societies and has high economic and societal impact. For example, the article The Crime Reducing Effect of Education, published in the Economic Journal (EJ) in 2011 established a causal link between education and crime by looking at the crime rates of school-leavers that were forced to stay on an extra year in British schools because of a legal change to the school-leaving age. This group of students was less likely to engage in criminal behaviour than the previous year cohort. The paper estimates that the cost of a year’s extra schooling is outweighed by the benefits in terms of less crime.


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