Thalia Kruger


Publications in the spotlight

The VOICE of the Child in International Child Abduction Proceedings in Europe - Work stream 2: case law results
Carpaneto Laura   Kruger Thalia   Vandenhole Wouter   Maoli Francesca   Lembrechts Sara   Sciaccaluga Giovanni   Van Hof Tine  
Brussels, European Union, 2019,303 p.
Conversations between children and judges in child abduction cases in Belgium and the Netherlands
Lembrechts Sara   Putters Marieke   Van Hoorde Kim   Kruger Thalia   Ponet Koen   Vandenhole Wouter  
Familie en recht - ISSN 2213-3798- (2019) p. 1-22
Private international law as a basis for reconstructing legal relationships between adults and children
Kruger Thalia   Verhellen Jinske  
Adults and Children in Postmodern Societies? A Comparative Law and Multidisciplinary Handbook / Sosson, J. [edit.]; et al.-p. 707-721
Internationaal privaatrecht: de essentie
Kruger Thalia   Verhelle Jinske  
Brugge, die Keure, 2019,530 p.
Separation from the abducting parent and the best interests of the child: a comparative analysis of case law in Belgium, France and Switzerland
Van Hof Tine   Kruger Thalia  
Netherlands international law review - ISSN 0165-070X-65:2 (2018) p. 131-153

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