Thierry Vanelslander (°1975) is a professor at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics. He graduated as a doctor in Business and Economics at the University of Antwerp. Until 2013, he was holder of the BNP Paribas Fortis chair on transport, logistics and ports. Until halfway 2009, he was director of the Research Centre on Freight and Passenger Transport, hosted by the Department of Transport and Regional Economics. He is currently course co-ordinator for the courses 'Management of Innovation and Technology' and 'Port Economics and Business' at C-MAT, and 'Transport Economics' at the Faculty of Business and Economics. His research focuses on business economics in the port and maritime sector, and in land transport and urban logistics. His PhD dealt with co-operation and competition in sea-port container handling. He is also the chair of the World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) Special Interest Group A2 (Ports and Maritime), and topic area manager for WCTR’s track A (Transport Modes). Equally, he is the chair of the Freight & Logistics group within the European Transport Conference.





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