Did you check the admission requirements?

Please be aware of the deadlines and read the full procedure before proceeding!

When to apply: admission application deadlines

Do you want to start in the academic year 2024-2025 in Flanders in a bachelor or in a preparatory (language) course and do you have to submit an admission application? Please complete your electronic admission application before the date mentioned in the table below.  Please note that the admission application procedure consists of two parts, both with their own deadlines.

• You are a national of a country that is a member state of the European Economic Area* or
• You are already living in Belgium with a valid** Belgian residence permit or
• You are a national of Ukraine or Switzerland 
All others
Objective 1: Screening on content and level
Complete upload of electronic documents in Mobility online before 1 June 2024.  If this step is not completed before the date mentioned, the admission board reserves the right to reject the application.
Complete upload of electronic documents in Mobility online before 1 March 2024.  If this step is not completed before the date mentioned, the admission board reserves the right to reject the application.
Objective 2: Screening of documents on authenticity
Send hard copies to the registrar's office before 1 July 2024. If this step is not completed before the date mentioned, the admission board reserves the right to reject the application.
Send hard copies to  the registrar's office before 1 June 2024.  If this step is not completed before the date mentioned, the admission board reserves the right to reject the application.

*European Economic Area member states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithowenia, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden

**at least valid until and including July 2024

Start your application here: admission procedure

Procedure overview and link to the Mobility Online application

Please read this first

The admission application process consists of three major parts.  Each part will trigger a specific evaluation.

  • part 1: screening on content and level
  • part 2: screening of Dutch or English language proficiency
  • part 3: screening of hard copy documents on authenticity

The combined results of the evaluation of all parts will determine if your application will be accepted.

  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and more information about the enrolment..
  • If your application is rejected, you will be informed about the reason of the rejection.

The application procedure at the University of Antwerp is free of charge (please do not deposit any money because it cannot be returned).  However, take into account the deadlines and that the legalisation and translation of documents for part 3 takes time and can be expensive.

The applicant agrees with the following conditions by using the application procedure:

  • It’s not allowed to apply for several programmes simultaneously. Any attempt to circumvent this by using different e-mail adressen or different names will lead to the rejection of all applications. You can only have one running application.
  • Students are required to submit and follow up the application themselves. Interference of third parties is not allowed. Applications can be rejected for this reason.
  • In case admission is granted and letters of acceptance are available, it’s strongly advised to start up the visa application as soon as possible. The visa procedure can take more than three months.  The unability to obtain a visa on time will not lead to an extension of the enrolment deadline (04 October).
  • No submitted documents will be returned.

Part 1 Screening on content and level

The admission board of the programme you selected will screen your educational history and your motivation to determine your access to the programme.  This process may take up to 6 weeks after you uploaded all required data and documents (holidays and closing days are not included in the 6 week-period).  If the admission board gives a positive recommendation, you can proceed with part 2 of the application.

You need to provide all necessary data and electronic documents for this part of your application before the deadlines mentioned under "Application deadlines".

Start your request for bachelor admission (academic year 2024-2025) in the electronic application Mobility-Online.

Need help with the application? A user guide (PDF, 500kb) is available.

  1. Enter your personal details and select the programme in which you wish to enrol (the appropriate academic year is determined by the necessity to still attend preparatory courses (e.g. language courses))
  2. Generate a user account to access the application in a secure way
  3. Upload electronic documents to support your application.  No legalisation is necessary at this point.  The following minimum documents are required:
    • a color copy of a valid passport or identity card
    • a curriculum vitae
    • a motivation letter
    • a color copy of an original degree certificate with a translation in Dutch, French, German or English if the degree is drawn up in another language (applicants that are enrolled in their final year should, instead of the degree, submit a copy of an original and signed letter from their college or university confirming that they are expected to complete the programme at the end of the current academic year). In case an entrance examination is applicable in your home country, the results of this examination should also be present.

Part 2 Screening of Dutch or English language proficiency

During this step, depending on the bachelor's programme you have selected, your Dutch or English language proficiency will be checked.

In the case of Dutch bachelor's programmes, if you would like to take the one-year preparatory language programme, an additional screening will be done by Linguapolis. In order to start this screening you’ll first need to deposit 2000 euro in advance (as a prepayment of the tuition fee for the language course). Once the amount has been received a skype interview will be planned to test your language abilities.

Part 3 Screening of documents on authenticity

The registrar's office will screen the submitted copies of your documents and try to verify the authenticity of the degree. This process may take up to 4 weeks.

In case both your diploma and transcripts are verifiable through an online verification platform of your home institution we may exempt you from providing legalised hard copies. The URL of the verification platform and the verification codes should be mentioned on your diploma and transcripts. Please contact our international helpdesk if you think this is the case so we can verify this.

If legalisation is required, the registrar's office has to receive your legalised hard copies before the deadline mentioned under "Application deadlines".

  1. Legalise the copy or copies of your degree(s) and transcripts which you previously uploaded. Use the proper legalisation method as outlined in the pages about legalisation.  Also note that if a translation is required, it has to be done by a sworn translator and the translation also has to be legalised.
  2. Send the legalised copies to the registrar's office by post or courrier.  Please note that submitted documents (originals or copies) are never returned. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of submitting a complete file well before the deadline.  Incomplete hard copies (e.g. without legalisation and/or translation) that arrive close to the deadline will make it impossible to offer the applicant a possibility to furnish new documents and therefore lead to the rejection of the application.

Please be aware that the visa procedure can take more than three months, especially during the busy summer period. This also stresses the importance of submitting a complete file well before the deadline. It can't be guaranteed that visa applications that have been submitted late will be processed on time.