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Master of Environmental Science
Academic year :

Model Path

Basic module 33 ECTS-credits (compulsory)

Scientific analysis

Ecosystem Management3sp1st semester
Meire, Patrick
Biosphere: Air, Water and Soil3sp1st semester
Lenaerts, Silvia
Janssens, Ivan
Van Damme, Stefan
Environmental Health Science3sp1st semester
Remy, Sylvie
Introduction to Environmental Technology3sp1st semester
Vlaeminck, Siegfried

Managerial analysis

Environmental law3sp1st semester
Carette, Ann
Environmental policy3sp1st semester
Loots, Ilse
Environment Economics3sp1st semester
Van Passel, Steven

Integrated analysis and management

Sustainable Development3sp1st semester
Erreygers, Guido
Methods and techniques for Interdisciplinary Research3sp1st semester
Marchand, Fleur
Integrated case and Project management6sp1st/2nd sem.
Loots, Ilse
Tytgat, Tom

Environmental topics - 12 ECTS-credits

to choose from the topics below.

The student may also choose a different course on environment for 6 ECTS-credits in another programme. This choice has to be motivated.

Environment and space

Landscape Ecology3sp2nd semester
van Diggelen, Ruurd
Environmental Impact Reporting3sp2nd semester
Vyvey, Quirin
Planning Systems6sp2nd semester
Coppens, Tom

Environment and health

Xenobiotics in Food3sp2nd semester
Robberecht, Harry
Ecotoxicology3sp2nd semester
Bervoets, Lieven
Teuchies, Johannes
Human and ecological risk assessment6sp2nd semester
Mertens, Birgit

Environment and business

Advanced water treatment technology3sp2nd semester
Vlaeminck, Siegfried
Environmental Management Systems3sp2nd semester
Deweerdt, Hildegard
Cleantech for food, water and energy3sp2nd semester
Vlaeminck, Siegfried
Environmentally Hazardous Substances3sp2nd semester
Cool, Pegie

Integrated environmental topics

Integrated Water Management3sp2nd semester
Van Damme, Stefan
Integrated Water Management 'Case River 21'3sp2nd semester
Troch, Peter
Meire, Patrick
Van Damme, Stefan
Global Change3sp2nd semester
Meysman, Filip

Europe and the environment

Environmental Policy in the European Union3sp2nd semester
Bursens, Peter
Loots, Ilse

Environment and education

Environmental Education3sp2nd semester
Van Petegem, Peter
Boeve-de Pauw, Jelle

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Selected Topics3sp1st semester
Erreygers, Guido

Master Project 15 ECTS-credits (compulsory)

Master's Thesis15sp1st/2nd sem.
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