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Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature: French-Spanish
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

Compulsory General fundamental course

Introduction to Western Philosophy3sp2nd semester
De Vriese, Herbert

Compulsory General discipline-related courses

Babel: An introduction to linguistics, translation studies and literary theory9sp1st semester
De Mulder, Walter
Sleiderink, Remco
Schrijver, Iris
General Linguistics 16sp1st/2nd sem.
Vermandere, Dieter

French: compulsory courses

French literature 1: from the Middle Ages until 18006sp2nd semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
French Proficiency 1: oral and writing Proficiency3sp1st/2nd sem.
Van Acker, Isa
French linguistics 1: phonetics, morphology and syntax of modern French6sp1st semester
De Mulder, Walter
French linguistics 1: history of French3sp2nd semester
Vanderheyden, Ann
French Grammar 16sp1st/2nd sem.
Lievois, Katrien

Spanish: compulsory courses

Spanish Grammar 13sp1st semester
Verhaert, Anne
Spanish Grammar 23sp2nd semester
Verhaert, Anne
Spanish Proficiency 16sp1st/2nd sem.
Gras, Pedro
Introduction to the study of Spanish literature6sp2nd semester
Ortuño Casanova, María del Rocío

Model Path part 3

Compulsory General fundamental course

World View: Religion, Atheism and Science3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Meaning3sp2nd semester
Van Herck, Walter
World View: Religion, Atheism and Culture3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Society3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
City and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Media and Digital Society3sp1st semester
Hellinckx, Peter
Poels, Karolien
Migration, Integration and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Feyter, Koen
Absillis, Kevin
Van Praag, Lore
Freedom, Citizenship and Democracy3sp1st semester
Van Eekert, Geert
Loobuyck, Patrick
Global justice3sp2nd semester
Ferrando, Tomaso

General discipline-related courses

One course to choose from:

General Linguistics 26sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Sandra, Dominiek
General Literary Theory 26sp1st semester
Herman, Luc
Eeckhout, Bart

French: compulsory courses

French Literature 3: genres and texts6sp2nd semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Gyssels, Kathleen
French Culture 16sp1st semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Peeters, Kris
French Proficiency 33sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Vanderheyden, Ann
French linguistics 33sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick

Spanish: compulsory courses

Spanish Linguistics: language in use6sp2nd semester
Gras, Pedro
Spanisch Proficiency 4: oral proficiency3sp1st semester
Ortuño Casanova, María del Rocío
Spanish literature 23sp2nd semester
Ortuño Casanova, María del Rocío
Spanish Literature II3sp1st semester
Arbaiza, Diana
Latin America: Society and Culture3sp1st semester
Stallaert, Christiane

Free-choice electives

9 ECTS-credits to choose from the list below.
Other courses will first have to be approved by the Education Board.

African Linguistics6sp1st semester
Pretorius, Marilize
Middle Ages: cultural history6sp2nd semester
Fraeters, Veerle
Early Modern Era: cultural history6sp2nd semester
Marnef, Guido
Philosophy of Culture6sp2nd semester
Vanheeswijck, Guy
Gnoseology and Epistemology6sp2nd semester
Leuridan, Bert
Introduction to Jewish Culture 26sp1st semester
Liska, Vivian
Hofmeester, Karin
Digital Humanities6sp2nd semester
Daelemans, Walter
Van Hulle, Dirk
Kestemont, Mike
Dillen, Wout
Judaism and Philosophy6sp1st semester
Liska, Vivian
Hebrew I3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Hebrew II3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Jiddisch I3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Jiddisch II3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Studium Generale Jewish studies3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Belgian cinema3sp2nd semester
Willems, Gertjan
Children's Literature3sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Frauke
The conditional in French3sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Reported speech3sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Sustainability3sp2nd semester
Crabbé, Ann
Bots, Jessica
Climate Change3sp1st semester
Crabbé, Ann
Vicca, Sara
Poverty and Inequality3sp2nd semester
Verbist, Gerlinde
Cantillon, Bea
Debating Development3sp1st semester
Van Hecken, Gert
Verrelst, Janus
Community service learning3sp1st/2nd sem.
Verbist, Gerlinde
Special topics in Spanish3sp2nd semester
NNB, -

Bachelor's thesis

Bachelorscriptie6sp1st/2nd sem.
Mortelmans, Tanja