Quality assurance in the Master of Economic Policy

At the University of Antwerp, we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year 3, a balance is drawn up of the quality assurance of the programme during internal process monitoring and control. In spring 2021 this will take place for the Master of Applied Economic Sciences: Economic Policy.

Year 6 concludes the cycle with a peer review. The study programme reflects on itself and has a discussions with internal and external experts and an independent student.

On 15, 16 and 17 May 2018 the peer review team visited the study programmes in business and economics and decided to confirm confidence in the programmes.

The study programmes can be proud of their education that achieves a high quality standard.

This is expressed mainly by the satisfaction of their students. Nevertheless, attention should be awarded to the creation of a formal body for student representation.

The peerreviewteam has detected a strong quality culture in the various study programmes, based on a powerful mission and fed by a lot of consultation.

The programmes can strengthen themselves by encouraging more students to choose for an economic studyprogramme at the university of Antwerp, among other things through a more focused marketing and strengthened attention for secondary schools.

The programmes are very strong in terms of their internationalization, although they best aim for more interaction and integration of incoming international students.

In addition, the efforts for blended learning are highly valued and the programmes work strongly student-centered, although they are encouraged to continue to focus on practical experience for students and to work with activating methods of education.

Finally, it is recommended to work on a programme-specific alumni community and to continue the efforts for graduating students.

The programmes in Economic Policy excel in the proximity of their lecturers and with the English-taught master's programme as a major asset. It is important to ensure that the distinction between the bachelor's programme Economic Policy and Business Economics is sufficiently clear for students. In addition, the peerreviewteam recommends that the programmes in Economic Policy closely monitor the number of enrolments and consider integrating behavioral economics in the curriculum.