Meet our alumni

Find out where their degree has brought them

If you choose to study Economic Policy, you'll become a global student and citizen. Over the past few years, we've had graduates from 21 different countries such as Vietnam, China, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, and so on. 

Our alumni work in 11 countries all over the world. Almost 90% found a job within 6 months after graduation. Some became consultants, economists, project managers... for organisations like the European Union, KPMG, Greenpeace and The World Bank. Others became researchers or lecturers at a top university. Some even founded their own company. 

Their stories

Find out what student life really entails by reading some first-hand experiences. You can even ask our ambassadors a question yourself. ​​

Meet our Economic Policy alumni

Find out where they work and what they do.

Pawani from India

One of the first things that attracted me to the Master in Economic Policy is the rigorous nature of the curriculum, which I believe equips you with the necessary skills to pursue a career as an economist. The programme has a strong research component, which for me, aligned with the career path that I had envisioned for myself. And the programme certainly delivers on it.

Along with the thesis component, courses like econometrics help develop the necessary skills that one looks for at end of a Master’s in Economics. The compulsory modules in either 'Public Policy' or 'Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets' help build a good theoretical base to kickstart a career in policy-making. In addition, the course offers a wide variety of courses to choose from, which can be tailored to one’s interests. 

All in all, I am very happy that I chose this programme for my postgraduate studies; and I believe that the comprehensive and diverse nature of the programme have allowed me to develop the necessary skills to tackle today’s job market.

Zeynep from Turkey

"I would also recommend coming to Antwerp, because you will make lots of friends. There are a lot of students coming from all over the world. I went to events organized by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), who are a big help to international students."

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Kathleen from the USA

"Not only confident that I understand any academic paper, but also actually contribute to discussion"

This program is truly full-time, particularly in the first semester when six or eight classes is a standard course-load. I had to adjust how I saw student life, because a typical semester in the US involves four courses and has plenty of room for part-time (or even full-time) employment. In this program, learning becomes your job. I was able to use methodology and models in my thesis that a year before seemed far beyond my reach. I’m confident that I can walk into any seminar or read any academic paper and not only understand the premise, but actually contribute to discussion.

After graduation, I am moving to the Netherlands to work as a policy analyst. During my job-search process I felt confident in my degree as employers in the region were familiar with UAntwerp and the caliber of education in the master’s programs. My research experience here served as a record of success that opened doors for high-level job opportunities.

Experiencing Antwerp like a local

I have loved living in Antwerp and will definitely be sad to say goodbye after graduation! As an American, biking has never been my forte, so it’s been fun to get comfortable on two-wheels.

I purposely found an apartment outside of the University neighborhood because I wanted to feel like an Antwerp resident, rather than just a student “visiting” for a year. I got to know my neighbors, joined the local branch of the city library, and biked along the Schelde river every day to campus. The University offered an amazing support system, but I really enjoyed building my own space within the greater Antwerp community.

Suggestions for future students

For students considering applying, I would suggest checking out some of the scholarship opportunities specifically available for international students. The University of Antwerp and Flemish higher education in general have some great programs to attract global talent and help you finance your studies.

Because the program is only one year, the thesis comes at you hard and fast, so it can be helpful to start thinking about a topic before the academic year begins. Make an effort to really live in Antwerp and reach out beyond the community of international students. Take advantage of the city’s history, its beauty, and its lovely “café culture” to make the most of your time in Belgium!


"I eat fries for dinner, so I'm officially a local now"

Take advantage of the city’s history, beauty, and cafe culture to make the most of your time!​


"I live in a historical building in the city center."


an international student from Peru