Machine Learning of Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning of Natural Language Processing


Ignite your skills in artificial intelligence for language technology​​


Natural Language Processing is an integral component to applications of data science across the technological industry nowadays. Professionals in this domain, however, might struggle to keep up with the fast-paced developments in recent years. In particular the recent and impressive emergence of neural networks in machine learning as a go-to paradigm has rapidly altered the state of the art in artificial intelligence and challenges existing computational approaches to text.

This micro-credential has been carved out as a balanced selection of contemporary modules from the MA in Digital Text Analysis that targets industry professionals who are interested in learning about modern machine learning and natural language processing. With an emphasis on project and team work, we develop practical applications on textual data, as well as solutions for the many issues that remain open in the field.

Who for?

Professionals active in industry who wish to harness recent advances in AI and Deep Learning in the context of Natural Language Processing for Data Science.

Working students

For information and advice on combining work and study, you can contact Centrum West. Students who register for a micro-credential in combination with a job can also register as working students to apply for additional facilities.