Artificial Intelligence

Option 1

This option gives you the knowledge, skills and competences to design and research new artificial intelligence technology by combining informatics, communication and electronics with new state-of-the-art machine learning methodologies.

What is distributed artificial intelligence?

Distributed machine learning is the discipline where new intelligence is created by combining the strengths of different distributed intelligent devices and components.

The main idea is to rely on the emergent that originates from the various devices and components working together in an intelligent way. It does not focus on computationally intensive centralised Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, but on decentralised interaction of intelligent components to achieve an equal or better result with lower latencies, lower energy consumption and lower computational complexity.

Programme overview

In your Master's thesis (21 ECTS) and in the course Distributed Artificial Intelligence (12 ECTS) you will build, test and implement solutions for complex machine learning related engineering problems within UAntwerp’s technology test beds (smart highway, smart waterway, autonomous car…).

The study programme consists of three main modules:

  • core electronics-ICT competences (24 ECTS)
  • core distributed AI competences (15 ECTS)
  • distributed AI research competences (21 ECTS)