Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology

Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology

Your programme

This one-year master will give you the knowledge, skills and competences to design and research new electronics and ICT engineering technologies by combining informatics, communication and electronics with new state-of-the-art machine learning methodologies

The lessons will be a mix of theory and practice in which you will gain more in-depth expert knowledge about the relevant advanced topics.

You can choose between 3 options:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Cyber-Physical Systems

Your future

There is a great demand of electronics and ICT specialists on the labor market. You can work as an electronics engineer who works on electronic devices, systems and installations. Our graduates have careers in fields like:

  • technical-commercial positions, as a programmer or designer
  • an after-sales service as a service technician for multimedia equipment or industrial electronic systems
  • a production support service as responsible for the control and adjustment of electronic end products
  • a telecommunications company for fixed and mobile communication
  • a design department as an assistant developer and for performing tests
  • test and development centers as car manufacturers
  • expert agencies

As an academically trained applied engineer you can also start a career in academia. If you have a passion for research you can conduct a PhD.