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Master of International Relations and Diplomacy
Academic year :

Model Path

Compulsory courses - 15 ECTS-credits

Theories of international relations6sp1st semester
De Bièvre, Dirk
Diplomacy and negotiation9sp1st/2nd sem.
Criekemans, David
Melissen, Jan

Interdisciplinary foundation courses - 12 ECTS-credits

The courses in this list are compulsory. If a credit was previously obtained for one of these courses it has to be replaced by an optional course.

International economy and international economical organizations6sp1st semester
Cassimon, Danny
Maystadt, Jean-Francois
International Law and the Law of International Organisations6sp1st semester
De Feyter, Koen

Optional courses

18 ECTS-credits to choose from clusters with a minimum of 2 courses from one cluster


International security6sp2nd semester
Sauer, Tom
Arms Control and Proliferation6sp2nd semester
Sauer, Tom
Intelligence6sp2nd semester
Kustermans, Jorg
Lasoen, Kenneth
Middle-East6sp1st semester
Abicht, Ludo
Conflict and Security in East Asia6sp2nd semester
Atanassova-Cornelis, Elena
Theory of security6sp2nd semester
Lopez Lucia, Elisa


International Organization6sp2nd semester
Kustermans, Jorg
The European Union as a Political System6sp1st semester
Bursens, Peter
European negotiation seminar6sp1st/2nd sem.
Bursens, Peter
Belgian and comparative foreign policy6sp2nd semester
Criekemans, David
Environmental Policy in the European Union3sp2nd semester
Bursens, Peter
Loots, Ilse
Global Change3sp2nd semester
Meysman, Filip
International Political Economy6sp2nd semester
De Bièvre, Dirk
Politics of International Finance6sp2nd semester
Cassimon, Danny
Political Economy of Development6sp2nd semester
Verpoorten, Marijke
De Weerdt, Joachim
International Economy of Development6sp2nd semester
Dimier, Véronique


Seminar New Media and Politics6sp2nd semester
De Vries, Philippe
Gender and Diversity in the European Union and International Politics6sp2nd semester
van der Vleuten, Anna
Ethics in world politics6sp1st semester
Kustermans, Jorg
Cultural Critique6sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Constitutional Principles and Human Rights3sp1st semester
Vanheule, Dirk
Vandenhole, Wouter
European Fundamental Rights Law3sp2nd semester
Van De Heyning, Catherine
Law of the European Union6sp2nd semester
Meeusen, Johan

Master's Project - 15 ECTS-credits

Master's Test in International Relations and Diplomacy15sp2nd semester
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