Learning outcomes

General core competences

1. The master is able to fulfill general management tasks in healthcare.

2. The master is able to operate in a scientific, innovative and creative manner in the multi-professional, complex and uncertain context of nursing and midwifery care.

General scientific core competences

3. The master is able to apply general research methods and techniques.

4. The master has knowledge of research methods for acquiring and processing healthcare data.

5. The master is able to consult, interpret and report on the scientific literature on healthcare.

6. The master is able to develop and implement small-scale applied scientific research in nursing and midwifery care.

Scientific disciplinary core competences

7. The master has thorough knowledge of physio-pathological processes that are relevant to providing adequate nursing and midwifery care.

8. The master has knowledge and mastery of the relevant care processes in nursing and midwifery and is able to situate them in the current framework of nursing and midwifery theory.

9. The master has sound knowledge of and insight into national and international healthcare.

Core competences of a starting practitioner

10. The master incorporates clinical and nursing knowledge in order to apply, develop and coordinate nurse and midwifery care processes independently.

11. The master controls and coordinates direct patient care in a multiprofessional context in order to increase the quality of care provided.