Learning outcomes

1. The Master has knowledge of and insight in the current social developments and their social, policy and organizational contexts. The Master follows these and takes up a critically founded standpoint.

2. The Master has knowledge of and insight in the relevant theories for social work as independent knowledge and action domain. The Master applies these theories at the relational and structural level of actions in (urban) social work practices and reflects on this.

3. The Master can build a founded argument on how social work contributes to social justice.

4. The Master has insight in and acts at the junction between social work practice, organisation policy and the policy at local and supralocal level (Flemish, federal, European and global).

5. The Master uses national and international social scientific sources to report orally and in writing in a scientific, clear and strategic way and to make presentations adapted to the target audience.

6. The Master is able to understand, analyse and critically evaluate national and international scientific research relevant to social work.

7. The Master is able to execute the complete cycle of scientific research with and for social work in a well founded and qualitative way.

8. Starting from scientific research and theory, the Master is able to contribute to the valorisation for and the innovation of social work.