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Master of Social Work and Welfare Studies
Academic year :

Model Path


Compulsory - 15 ECTS-credits

Thesis15sp2nd semester

Discipline-specific courses

Compulsory - 39 ECTS-credits

Policymaking: theory and analysis6sp1st semester
Wouters, Edwin
Policy practice in the welfare state6sp1st semester
Raeymaeckers, Peter
Urban social work6sp1st semester
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Governance and social innovation6sp2nd semester
Raeymaeckers, Peter
City, diversity and transnational social work6sp2nd semester
Schrooten, Mieke
Social work in a digital world3sp1st semester
Steyaert, Jan
Action models6sp1st semester
Driessens, Kristel

Optional courses 6 ECTS-credits

6 ECTS-credits to choose from the list below or from the list above

Work (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Henderickx, Erik
Horemans, Jeroen
De Meulenaere, Kim
Population, family and life course (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Wood, Jonas
Culture (State-of the art)6sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Verschraegen, Gert
City and environment (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Crabbé, Ann
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Vandermoere, Frederic
Inequality and social exclusion (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Cantillon, Bea
Oosterlynck, Stijn
HRM and labor law6sp2nd semester
Janvier, Ria
De Meulenaere, Kim
Sociology of Health and well being (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Wouters, Edwin
Van Eekert, Nina