ECD Training Output

2023 ECD Programme Video's

During the training programme, the participants work together in country groups to make:

  • a SWOT* analysis of their national monitoring and evaluation system 
  • a SWOT analysis  of their national evaluation society (VOPE) 

*Strengths- Weaknesses- Opportunities & Threats

All these building blocks are composed through country team group work in different workshops throughout the training programme, culminating in a full blown SWOT analysis of both the M&E system, for the VOPE as well as a list of future actions to help strengthen the M&E system and VOPE.

Based on these analyses, for each country team a poster and a video is made. These outputs help share the outputs of the ECD training with interested (VOPE) stakeholders.

Have a look at the work of the participants of 2023 ECD Programme: