2024 Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) Seminar

The programme consists of 5 main modules

  1. The first one reviews the basics of M&E, discusses the importance of M&E in national development and different aid modalities.
  2. A second module helps participants produce a comprehensive and sound analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of the national M&E system and arrangements. This analysis captures six key M&E areas, including policy, methodology, organisation, capacity, participation of non-government actors and use for accountability and learning.
  3. The third module enables participants to explore how evaluation societies can contribute to mitigating the flaws and structural weaknesses of existing M&E systems and arrangements.
  4. The fourth and fifth module want to build stronger evaluation societies so as to enable them to contribute to increasing national evaluation capacities and use. In doing this, the fourth module reviews strategies to address organisational weaknesses...
  5. ... while the fifth expands and deepens the evaluation methodology capacities of the participants and, by extension, of their VOPEs.

Throughout the programme, we invest in peer-to-peer learning among different evaluation societies, while simultaneously facilitating collaboration between the different members of the same evaluation society through online interaction with the other members of the VOPE at home (diffusion of knowledge). This networking within and across evaluation societies contributes to strengthening VOPE capacity to contribute to the upgrading of national M&E systems and arrangements.