Selection procedure

Applicants  will be assessed by a selection commission based on five selection criteria  :

  1. Appropriateness of the applicant’s obtained degree. Applicants must have a university or college bachelor or master degree of at least three years of full-time study. 
  2. Quality of the education and results/grades obtained. Applicants need to have very good study results: first class (honours), great distinction, etc. - applicants with good/average results can be admitted if they show additional assets. 
  3. Relevance of the applicant’s professional experience. This selection criterion does not apply to applicants without professional experience. The work experience of applicants with professional experience is assessed according to the relevance of this experience. The sector of employment, the professional position and responsibilities are taken into account.
  4. Motivation of the applicant. The ability of the applicant to outline a clear vision on how he/she will make use of the acquired knowledge is a crucial element for  selection. The motivation letters should clearly elaborate on the motivation to attend the programme and how the acquired skills and knowledge will be used upon completion of the programme, including a description of future plans and aspirations and why the programme is important in this regard.
  5. Matching (does the content of the programme match the expectations of the applicant?). The overall quality of the application and the ability of the applicant to clearly understand the content of the programme and how this relates to his/her personal or professional career is assessed in this selection criterion.

Only applicants who obtain good scores on all 5 selection criteria will be admitted to the postgraduate programme. 

Applicants who have been admitted already, are not able to transfer their admission to the consecutive academic year.