Learning outcomes

  1. The student acquires knowledge and skills in climate change and the role of energy use and energy management in that perspective;
  2. The student gets thorough insight in the issue of energy use, and the demand and supply aspects of energy;
  3. The student acquires  broad knowledge of international policy and policy instruments to achieve  efficient and effective energy management in order to solve the climate issue;
  4. The student has a scientifically based knowledge of processes, techniques and systems in the field of energy supply and management;
  5. The student is able to handle energy and energy flows in a rational and critical way;
  6. The student has insight into the financial aspects of energy management;
  7. The student gets acquainted with the possibilities and limitations of new energy management technologies;
  8. The student is familiar with the economics and policies of energy savings, energy efficiency and measures such as auditing, energy accounting and supporting tools;
  9. The student is able to critically reflect on new findings and technologies provided by science, policy and other stakeholders in society;
  10. The student is competent to scientifically report and communicate his knowledge and findings to the stakeholders involved in the energy and climate debate.